At Central Medical Services, we offer a specialised emergency and critical care (ITU) ambulance service in new vehicles with the latest and advanced equipment.


Our ambulances are always operated by fully-qualified medics. We understand the importance of a swift, professional and reliable service when it comes to dealing with potential life-threatening cases. Our ambulances are state-of-the-art which are kept to the highest standards.

We currently work within the areas of East Midlands Ambulance Service, South Central Ambulance Service, East of England Ambulance Service & South West Ambulance Service. With base stations within all areas providing frontline clinician led ambulances 24 hours a day. 

We use all the latest equipment, with our own clinician designed ambulances, with make ready teams to keep all ambulances at the highest standards. 

All our staff are trained to the highest standards with employees having past experiences within the NHS sector. With Paramedic led ambulances whom are all registered with the Health Care Professions Council, with the same PGDs as the NHS trusts. 

We have recently been awarded good by the Care Quality Commission (CCQ) ensuring we are registered and working to a high standard.

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