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Ambulance Services

At Central Medical Services, we offer a specialised emergency and critical care ambulance service in new vehicles with the latest advanced equipment.

We work in partnership with NHS trusts including East Midlands Ambulance Service, Yorkshire

 Ambulance service, South West Ambulance Service, South Central Ambulance service and the East of England NHS Trust,

We adhere to the ambulance service trusts visions and values and the CQC and NHS guidelines to provide an efficient, professional front line ambulance service.

Our ambulances are always operated by fully-qualified clinicians.

We understand the importance of a swift, professional and reliable service when it comes to dealing with potential life-threatening cases.


Our ambulances are state-of-the-art which are kept to the highest standards. We have the latest equipment including Lifepack 15s, Stryker Stretchers as well as the new Manger Elk lifting cushions. 

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