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Understanding Mental Health Course Overview

Mental Health training is one of the key methods of changing the experience and supporting people affected by mental health illnesses.

Our Understanding Mental Health training course is designed to enable people to feel more comfortable and confident to talk about mental health and learn more about how to respond when support is required.

Whether you are an individual, small employer or a large firm, our training course is designed to suit your individual needs.

The aim of the course is to assist delegates the opportunity to explore what non-specialists can do to help friends, family and colleagues in distress feel safe, supported and understood. This will be achieved through a very practical and interactive training course.

This training is suitable for anyone who works/lives alongside someone who experiences mental health problems and wants to better support them.

Our training course can also be designed for employers who are interested in workplace wellbeing and Mental Health support.


Understanding Mental Health training course can be delivered as a one or two days in-house training options.


Our one-day public access courses will be available for booking on a first come first serve basis. Please contact us for further details.


What’s covered?

The course consists of a number of modules on different topics in mental health. Topics covered are:

  • What is Mental Health?

  • Server and Common Mental Health Illnesses.

  • Recognising Mental Illnesses.

  • Stress and Mental Health.

  • Assisting people with Mental Health Illnesses

  • Responding to Mental Health Illnesses.

  • Mental Health Act.

  • Mental Capacity Act.


The training methods used

  • Group sessions

  • Video / Audio training

  • Case studies

  • Classroom education.


All participants will receive a full set of training notes / fact sheets and a certificate to confirm they have had training on Understanding Mental Health.

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