At Central Medical Services we provide event medical cover with specialist services within the motorsport and festival sector. We provide senior qualified clinicals to adhere to the best clinical practice and care. With our CQC registration we have the resources to provide care on and off site.

We pride ourselves in being clinically led and providing excellent customer service. With experiences at the largest events across the UK. Providing event medical cover to Silverstone for the single largest first aid contract within the UK, FORMULA 1 and MOTO GP Grand Prix's. Providing care for drivers, crowd and for all within the Silverstone paddock. We have recently been awarded the contract for Leicester City Football Club and Nottingham Forrest Football Club, providing cover within the stadium for players and background staff as well as crowd cover after the Covid 19 pandemic. 


We have worked alongside the NHS and provided medical field hospitals, number of tents to prevent patients admissions off site into hospital. With Doctor led and Nurse led majors and resus departments at events such as forbidden forest. 


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